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Graphic Design and Underground Illustration


Hi there!, my name is Marc. I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Barcelona, Catalonia. I’ve been working in a design agency for 5 years, creating advertising campaigns and business branding projects. Most part of my portfolio shows works which I have done as a freelance designer.

I’m mainly influenced by the skateboard & underground lifestyle living the punk rock and hardcore culture it is why I love to destroy my designs with textures and grunge patterns. To share my resources and skills I’ve created the supplies section, where you can download goodies for free.

My dream is to live and work near and for the music.  I love working in different areas: Illustration for bands, merchandise, posters, álbum covers…


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Sant Pere més Alt 52, 08003, Barcelona +34 664 023 999 · marc@mixergraph.com