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Project Description


This is the poster for “Festa Major” (“Patronage Festivals in English) of Sant Boi town.
The Patronage Festivals are the most important yearly celebrationsin any town, neighbourhood or city. Typically, it conmemorates a factabout their history or tradition, or it can be dedicated to a Saint or Virgin who is the patron of that city. It is a meeting point for a local community yearly who meet around common places like streets or city squares and participate in different events like gigs, shows, games or processions.
As a result, the poster is based on the main events of the fest’s program, playing with different typefaces and handmade scripts simulating a old newspaper page combined with a overprint effect stamp for the event’s title.
The program legibility is not the intention of the poster design. I’ve used the information only to create a colour spot to make effective the overprint effect over content.