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Overprint is an analog printing technique which consist in place two or more inks over the same surface
Combining two inks we create a new substractive colour on the overlap sections.

The Overprinting Machine simulates the analog process on a Adobe Photoshop template.

Overlap backgrounds or patterns with different illustrations, add your favorite quotes and combine them with a pack of handmade ink textures. Achieve a unique overprint style in only three steps.

The pack includes

  • PSD template
  • Installation Guide

You’ll need:

  • Adobe Photoshop

I hope you like the pack. Please let me know if you encounter any issues with it!

Please respect my work and do not sell/upload these files to any other websites. Do not post the direct link of the file to any other website, if you want to share this pack, please share this post / page. I have used a lot of time and effort making these textures, so please respect my rules. Or I have my right to take legal actions.


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